Hi! I'm going thru a nightmare here and its mainly because I don't usually move between Metric and imperial when plotting. I have a metric dwg with tblock at 400 x 283 A3. Ofcourse I dont use metric paper so the idea is to scale this down to 11 x 17 which is close to the A3 dimensionally. After spending hours I cannot get this to plot. I've tried scaling the Tblock down to 11x17 from the A3. Nothing works! How do people do this. The best I have been able to come up with is the 11x17 with a viewport scale of 1:50,000 scale factor. The frame is 5m long x 3m long or 5000mm x 3000mm which is generally how most people work with metric. Anyone know how to do this! I've had no problem working with meters in the past for site plans!