I've recently been trying to sort out our offices filing structure and as part of that am looking at our drawing numbering. We currently use Revit for most of our work and would like to bring everything into line with BS1192 etc. I have little experience of actually working to this standard, but want to make we get it right.

BS1192 suggests the following

[Project]-[Originator]-[Zone]-[Level]-[File Type]-[Discipline]-[Number]

Which gives something similar to


Historically we have split our drawings into series' (using CIS/fB), 27 for roofs, 52 for drainage etc which the BS doesn't seem to allow for.

We then received a drawing from a consultant which used a drawing reference which almost follows the BS, but does include a series number, ie [Project]-[Originator]-[Zone]-[Level]-[File Type]-[Discipline]-[Series]-[Number]

I am sure some of you will be working to the UK Bim standards, and wondered if adding a series number to the drawing ref is compatible with these.