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    Hi All,
    Just to throw it out there, I have been using Adobe for creating PDF's but for some complex views it blows the PDF size and the result is a slow regenerating PDF. I am printing with Vector settings the views do have surface patterns but no shading or images so it doesn't automatically print Raster. I have been advised to try out Bluebeam which have compression settings specifically to handle graphics, my question is how does everyone else get around this seemingly know issue, and is there a PDF creator which has Revit specific algorithm settings to handle the Graphics.

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    Default Re: Revit specific PDF creator

    I don't believe you'll find a PDF creator specifically dialed in to Revit outputs... experience has been than there are some that have come and gone on the market that claimed such, but caused other problems in their batch processing that...well, they're not on the market any longer. That said, BlueBeam is going to be the closest option for any CAD application, because the product comes to us from that part of the applications market, from a CAD development base (even though its parent company is an Autodesk competitor). Just note that BlueBeam handles halftones / gray linework very differently than Adobe's PDF drivers.

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