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Thread: Selecting Objects

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    Default Selecting Objects


    I am new to Navisworks, and am using Simulate 2017 to inspect a NWD with clashes saved as view points. When trying to select an object to identify it, there are usually intervening objects, which make difficult the selection of objects beyond. Is there an easy way to select an object in a clash to see its properties?

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    Default Re: Selecting Objects

    Quite a few ways, actually. The easiest way for this conversation is to try to click an object. If another object selects instead, right click, and hide the selected object. It's pretty rare when more than 2 or 3 things are in your way.

    If this bothers you, and you have multiple models, hide the entire model that is in your way (such as the architectural model when selecting MEP items). If it isn't on the screen, you will not be able to accidentally select it.

    Even back in my AutoCAD days I was a fan of what I call the brute force approach. If it gets in your way, turn it off and keep on going if that's faster than elegantly selecting, tabbing, or whatever that program requires you to otherwise do.
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    Default Re: Selecting Objects

    My usual process is to ensure the "focus" is on the object(s) in question, then pivot the view around until I can get a clear view. Under extreme circumstances, I will first select the objects then do a "hide unselected", re-orient, then reverse the hide to get everything back. When that's the result of clash check and not immediately obvious I'll update the saved view in Manage with redlines.
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