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Thread: Print Filename codes

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    Default Print Filename codes

    Currently when we print to a file, there is no way of controlling the file naming for sheets when a sheet set is selected, they come out as 'Drawing Sheet - (Sheet Number) - (Sheet Name)'.

    What I would like is a savable option in the print dialogue that allows me to add a filename convention by using predefined file naming codes, so I don't have to go through and rename the files in Windows Explorer after the set is completed.

    Example codes:
    &P - Project Number
    &C - Client
    &S - Sheet Number
    &N - Sheet Name
    &R - Sheet Revision

    Example filename:
    &P-&S-&R = (Project Number)-(Sheet Number)-(Sheet Revision)

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    Default Re: Print Filename codes

    If this could be done for DWF it certainly help to convince me to use them over PDF... now that has to help push a wish along Autodesk? - quite a lot thinking about it..... I use third party software for PDF so not sure if it could be implemented for that?

    Press 1 button - print a full set of current DWFs....... sounds like a really good idea to me. Batch DWF plotting for Revit.
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