Hi all. I'd really appreciate some help on a knotty problem.

We have a Windows server with roaming user profiles. It means whatever PC a staff member uses, they get to have the same desktop, outlook, and my documents. Why it has been set up this way is another question, as it's immensely problematic with licensing. Anyhow, the question is, how do we manage Autocad Lt and Revit Lt licenses? We don't seem to be able to either lock a license to a machine, so that we need a license per machine, nor can we lock it to a user, so we have one license per user. TBH, tearing my hair out!

These also crash often. Autodesk have emailed to say they have "known issues" with roaming profiles.

Does anyone have a link to a network diagram so I can see the common architectures that might work for us?

Many thanks, Robin