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Thread: Slow Display Performance With Large MTEXT Objects

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    Unhappy Slow Display Performance With Large MTEXT Objects

    On my 1st Layout Tab in Paper Space, I have very slow response zooming & panning a large MTEXT object that is my Drawing Index.
    I have a Quadro k 1200 video card, Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 processor, & PCIe 256 GB SSD in an HP Z230 Tower Workstation.
    What can I do the speed response/display time? Is the monitor to blame?

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    Default Re: Slow Display Performance With Large MTEXT Objects

    monitor is not to blame. Adesk simply has 'issues' with large blocks of MText,

    one option would be to use a simpler font, eg TXT.shx -- but that's apt tpo mess up spacing and line breaks.

    option z would be to turn QTEXT on, but then it's not feasible to do much editing

    option B would be to keep the index in a spreadsheet, and datalink it. may not be any faster in CAD, but should be easier to edit in Excel
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