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Thread: Wall Join Issues

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    Summary: Address problems with ongoing wall join issues

    Description: In the almost 4 years I've been working with Revit (version 2013 to 2016) there appears to have been no effort made to address ongoing problems getting wall intersections to clean up properly. Problems with holes opening up where two walls come together, and with interior walls "jumping" to overlap and cause problems with exterior walls. This is especially bad where I have angled walls or 3 walls that meet at the same location, where I have shorter walls meeting taller or stacked walls, and where I have a lot of in's and out's along a building facade. I've had problems where I will have one of these troubled intersections, and play a game of tub of war to get them to all meet correctly without "holes", and then mirror or copy the exact same geometry- and the copy goes haywire. I've also fixed "holes" where the walls meet, moved on to fix something else at the other end of the building, and when I return I again have a hole. Perhaps consider a "join but don't join" command that lets a secondary wall hit an intersection but not alter it- as where an interior stud wall hits an exterior wall- and a "wall join hierarchy" tool that, for example, forces the components of a brick-on-block cavity wall to wrap into and out of recesses without being thrown off by interior walls, floors, roofs, and other components.

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Walls

    Submitted By: kalder on 10/25/2017

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    Default Re: Wall Join Issues

    created a wish on Autodesk Revit Idea page which might resolve you issue should Autodesk ever implement it. Sum it up. Drag and drop individual wall layers to decide how they attach to perpendicular walls

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