Summary: I wish there was better differentiation between Import and Link CAD

Description: Too often, users will mistakenly Import CAD when they should be Linking. There should be a better safeguard against using Import. I haven't seen a situation where Import is necessary - Linking has always been the preferred method (but I'm open to hearing about situations where Import is preferred).

And in a related case, in a Family, I would like to be able to Link CAD as well - currently, Import is the only option. Often I will bring in a CAD file while building a family, and would like to cleanly remove the CAD when I'm done. At the moment, I have to thoroughly clean the CAD before Importing, ideally taking it down to solid lines on layer 0, or live with cleaning up the Family after removing the CAD

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Other

Submitted By: dfriesen on 10/27/2017