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Thread: Inventor for Mac

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    Smile Inventor for Mac

    I was just wondering how the progress was going on getting this one up and running? The guy who coded AutoCad for Mac has done an incredible job. Just wondering if anyone is progressing through a build on Inventor Professional into Apple language. Let me know if they need assistance as I know of a great programmer although I imagine this will need to be sanctioned by Autodesk. It would be great to have and use this build as it would also be equitable as far as use on competitors devices, without the need for modifications, such as drive partitioning or processor/memory sapping exchange programs like Parallels. I'm interested to here your opinions. I can imagine there will be a lot of stick in the mud's, change adverse citizens, although there will also be those who will welcome it. I consider this one of or the biggest priorities in the field of AUGI or drawing in general at the present.

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    Uhm... I guess if you could show a market demand to the Autodesk CEO, you might get them to do it. However it doesn't seem that the Mac version of AutoCAD has really been a market successes, nor is it actually feature complete. Given that, it seems unlikely that Autodesk would be interested.

    And since it's proprietary software, _ONLY_ Autodesk emplyees/contractors could possibly work on it. There was no random 'guy who coded AutoCad for Mac'
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    Default Re: Inventor for Mac

    Employees/contractors, plural. This isn't done by a single programmer, not by a long shot.

    I'll also point out that while school is important it shouldn't be mistaken for commercial industry. While schools (and attending students) frequently have Mac hardware, enterprises will have hardware and software which meets their needs - more often than not it's a Win environment from server to desktop.
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    Default Re: Inventor for Mac

    I have run into this before.. with schools issuing Macs thinking they're being preparing students for the real world is a joke.
    Yes Macs have their place out there in the work force, if you're a graphic artist, musician, photographer and such they're great.
    But if you want to be in the CAD/Engineering world, you really need a PC (to properly run Autodesk products), even engineering colleges tell you that.

    I mentor a high school FIRST robotics team, and we use Inventor Professional to design and fabricate our robots.
    So the students have the Mac's given to them by the school, and we can't load or run inventor on them, so I teach them some basics with "Fusion 360", which does run on Macs and is sort of similar but not really.

    When we have to get into actual training where we can design parts, with real features we can call out and constrain in assemblies, and fabricate in the machine shop, we have team laptops with Inventor on them to do that.
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