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Thread: hexagon shape around numbers in Mtext

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    Default hexagon shape around numbers in Mtext

    I have a couple of engineers in another of our offices who have put a hexagon shape around numbers to indicate what part of the drawing notes apply. They also want to put a hexagon around each of the numbers in the note, within the text of the Mtext. Is this doable, quickly and easily within the text? TIA
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    Default Re: hexagon shape around numbers in Mtext

    One way.....

    Create a table (even if you don't need it), and insert a BLOCK into one of the cells.
    Choose the built-in block named "_TagHexagon".
    From this point forward, this block will be available to you in the drawing.

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    Default Re: hexagon shape around numbers in Mtext

    Just a thought: Multileaders can use a block as part of the style, a block with attributes. There is a command MleaderCollect that will arrange a selection of these mleaders and stack them vertically (or horizontally) with on leader. My thought was to make an Mleader style with hexagon, a number attribute in the middle of the hexagon and a second attribute to the side for a note.

    Hex# note.png

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