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Thread: Metric to English to Metric Linetype scale Issue

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    Default Metric to English to Metric Linetype scale Issue

    Ive run into an issue in which linetype scaling is being very difficult.

    What i have is 3 different CAD files.
    1. Architects demo background set in metric units (mm)
    2. A working drawing xrefing the architect background set in English units (inches)
    3. A sheet file xrefing the working drawing in metric units (mm) with a 1:50 Scale viewport.

    The problem im running into is that i cannot get the architects demo line work and the working drawings demo line work (and symbols) to both show as demo in the sheet file.
    Ive set backgrounds and working drawings to a LTscale of 25.4 and 0.0393 to account for the metric conversion but i cannot seem to get it to work. Am i missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Metric to English to Metric Linetype scale Issue

    Regardless of what the units setting in the files are, it depends on which LIN file the linetypes were defined in. It's not uncommon for metric drawings to have linetypes loaded from ACAD.LIN (inch definitions) with a global LTSCALE of 10.

    Check the annotation scale on the viewport, too. Even though it may have a scale factor of 1:50 the annotation scale could be any entry in the annotative scale list.

    A sample file, cleaned of any proprietary information, would also be helpful.

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