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Thread: Edit Cuix files with batch or lisp

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    Default Edit Cuix files with batch or lisp

    Is it possible to Edit any cuix file settings with batch or lisp.
    In particular I am looking to edit the Contextual tab defaults for ACAD.cuix: Layout Tools and C3D.cuix: Geo Coordinate system assigned.
    I would like to do this as opposed to copying the edited cuix file(s) to other machines.

    thank you

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    Default Re: Edit Cuix files with batch or lisp

    I suppose technically, you could. The CUIX is just a ZIP file containing CUI files (which are .XML format) - so if you understood the format and made some assumptions - I guess you could do it.
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    Default Re: Edit Cuix files with batch or lisp

    Ermmm... are you asking about editing the files? Or where the files are *found*? Because the alternative to "... copying the edited CUIx file to other machines ..." isn't to programmatically manipulate the file contents, but to locate them in a network folder with limited permissions and point all users to that location.
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    Default Re: Edit Cuix files with batch or lisp

    I leave all originals alone, make a new workspace then have custom menus that pull stuff from all over the place, I have a mixture of CIV3d and Autocad as my pull downs including 1 menu which has around 8 items each from 3CIV3d menus so no swapping workspaces.

    Happy to provide more info.

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    Default Re: Edit Cuix files with batch or lisp

    Check out Menu information in the registry
    I've been using PersonalMtextSymbols.LSP by Jimmy Bergmark to make modifications to the Windows Registry for many years to add symbols to the Mtext editor.

    Have never tried modifying the Contextual tab defaults that way, but it may work if you can find the key for it in the Windows registry. Simply modifying the CUI file in the CUI has always worked for me.
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