Summary: I wish I could pick a cogo point in an xreference and a label (or attributed block) would jump onto the screen with containing referenced data from a google spreadsheet.

Description: My wish is for more than a cogo point label that works better with xreferenced point maps. Perhaps if there were a way to pull label information from an xref to place a live label. however, the label needs to have more fields for info such as a place to name reference maps, which section corner it falls on, etc. and I wish label to be dynamic and add a leader when dragged, so it can be sized it to fit. As of now, I am unaware of a way to reference a google spreadsheet into AutoCAD.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Annotate (Civil 3D Labels)

Submitted By: klamattina760954 on 12/19/2017