When I label a crossing pipe in profile I get a crossing pipe label and a pipe label, and then I have to go back and delete the pipe label.

Autodesk says: Labeling crossing pipe locations may result in having two labels on a pipe (one regular pipe label and one crossing pipe label). If this is not desirable, you can use the Null label styles that are provided in the AutoCAD Civil 3D templates. Null label styles are set as the default styles for crossing pipe labels.

Am I understanding this correctly? It seems like you can only set the crossing pipe label to null to fix this problem?

Is there a way to get the crossing pipe to label with the Standard Xing Style and the Regular Null Style and still have the Regular pipes use their standard label as default?

It seem counterproductive to offer crossing pipe labels, but still reference regular pipe labels on crossing pipes.

I've attached a screenshot of my current Default Label Style setup.

Thanks in advance.