Summary: Add a checkbox or option that would allow you to promote datashortcuts instead of including all referenced drawings.

Description: Data could be in many drawings but the drawings themselves may not be required to transmit or send to someone else.

When eTransmitting a drawing to the same version of Civil 3D it would be nice to have an option to promote datashortcuts; individually or all at once. This would help to only include the needed information and not more.

Site plans often have data references from surfaces, pipes, alignments that were/are part of a subdivision design. The drawings that contain this information are not needed to be sent to others but the data is. Particularly if you are working as part of a multidisciplinary team.

This would also help creating As-Built/As-Recorded drawings keeping them separate from the original design drawing for final submission to the approval agency.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Data Shortcuts

Submitted By: dmahoney on 02/23/2018