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Thread: Phased curtainwall demolition

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    I am working on a commercial renovation project where I need be able to identify an existing door in a curtainwall system to be removed and replaced with fixed glazing. I've set up the project phases, and in the demolition phase identified the door to be demolished. The problem is that there is then nothing in it's place in the subsequent phases.

    Has anyone else encountered this, and more importantly, any ideas how I can either resolve this or work around it? I would like to be able to show that door as being removed on the demolition plan, and I need to have the new panel shown on the new construction drawings.


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    Default Re: Phased curtainwall demolition

    Curtain walls are strange animals. You cannot demolish one piece ( ie one system panel ) within a curtain wall. Only the entire wall.

    Here's my approach :-

    1. Create a curtain wall segment that contains the door in phase existing.
    2. Demolish the curtain wall door in phase new construction.
    3. Create a new curtain wall replacing the door in phase new construction.
    4. Create the rest of the curtain wall in phase existing. That never gets demolished.

    That should display correctly in all views and phase filters.
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