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Thread: NAS / Server help for 20+ Work-sharing users LAN & WAN

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    Question NAS / Server help for 20+ Work-sharing users LAN & WAN

    Hi All, new to AUGI
    Here to share my knowledge and experiences with 7 years in the architectural industry.
    I am after advise on Revit networking solutions for a 20+ firm with the ability to be able to work share remotely either nationally or internationally.
    This may be a big read for some :/

    I work in a small firm of 10, that is aiming to expand to 20 over the next few years.
    Our current NAS system does the job, but I feel it is not the best solution for moving forward.

    We are currently on a Synology DS1513 or DS1515 with WD Red Drives (5 Drives, RAID5 5 & 5400rpm).
    This NAS system holds all of our live projects (30+) all of our closed-off jobs, our entire library and resources.
    We have a physical backup monthly (needs to be weekly) and google drive syncs overnight.

    I would like to keep this NAS system as a backup and for our resources once the new build is complete.
    My idea of a build would be a Synology as I am used to the system and adding a new drive into the array.
    I am open to other suggestions, I am capable of building high-end workstations, $8k render/gaming rigs.
    There is no set budget at this time, I am trying to persuade the Directors to spend more money on IT instead of the office build, as IT is the backbone of the business.

    Currently our subscription to REVIT is,
    2x Full Design Suite 2018
    6x Revit, 2018
    2x REVIT LT 2018 for our Directors who only need basic use of revit non worksared.
    We would be obtaining future REVIT licenses for work sharing ability

    Current LAN consists of;
    24 port Gigabit switch, I have a 48 switch at home I will give the office.
    A 24 port patch
    Terrible ADSL with a dodgy belong router
    Wired Cat6 cables individually to each workstation

    REVIT workshare file setup
    Workshared master file
    Linked levels and grids
    Linked Interiors Model
    Linked Site model
    Linked neighbouring properties
    Links revit links with consultants CAD files
    Linked structural models

    Future office;
    EXISTING 48 poirt switch if it works.. Netgear GS748TP
    NEW patch device
    NEW Modem for the microwave internet (whatever the installer provides)
    NEW At least 2 modems hardwired for wireless connection to the 250m2 office
    NEW Cat6 wired to each computer
    NEW NAS / Server
    Would be interested in some form of a physical firewall

    High speed stable access
    Minimal downtime if the RAID or NAS fails
    Wireless access for Navisworks on site
    Ability to REVIT workshare from home, site, internationally
    We would also like to work with other firms either nationally or international via work sharing or linking models
    Typically 2 - 3 people working on 1 work shared file at a time.

    My Suggested build
    Synology DiskSation DS3018xs 6 bay
    6x SSD in RAID 1 (1 or 2tb drives) open to thoughts on Hitachi 10k drives
    SSD cache if required
    10Gbe network if required.

    The system is only required to hold our live projects, I foresee this as 2 - 4tb being highly capable

    Sorry for the long read, open to suggestions, experiences, problems.
    Thank you all, happy Reviting!

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    Default Re: NAS / Server help for 20+ Work-sharing users LAN & WAN

    I know its been a while, but what did you wind up getting? Im in a similar size firm and am doing a bit of research as to what we need/ should get.


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