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Thread: Extract text to Excel

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    Default Extract text to Excel

    Hello All,

    I have searched everywhere for a solution to my problem. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    Here's my dilemma:

    I need a way to extract text from my drawing (Acad 2018 and put it in Excel.

    (I would like the text to be in somewhat an order as I pick it or window around it. )

    I had IT guys download the APP "TEXTTOEXCEL."

    For some strange reason, I could not get this APP to work. I consistently got "Unknown Command".

    I contacted the writer of the APP, he sent me a new .vlx to download and re-load into AutoCAD.

    I did that, and now I get an error "This routine is only available for ***** Office".

    In the meantime, I've downloaded several other text-to-excel LISP routines, thinking that should work.

    Each and every one of them, I get an error, unknown command, nil....etc......

    I use AutoCAD Electrical 2018, but I only utilize the 2D Drafting & Annotation.

    I know and understand LISP routines to get by. I know how to load them, modify on a small level and use them.

    But I cannot understand why I cannot get ANY of these things to work on my AutoCAD.

    The IT department here doesn't know AutoCAD at all. All they understand to do is to install it, but customization is not on their list of thing to know.

    I really need something to work, due to my bosses are counting on me to find something.

    Any suggestions????

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    Default Re: Extract text to Excel

    1st up it has been known to happen type (vl-load-com) and if you get an error then the VL part of lisp is not loading. Most of the lisps will have this as say a 1st line.

    A couple of answers pick text 1 by 1 goes to excel in that order, use a window text will go in database order so use a sort on y value to reflect, back to to excel there are plenty of to excel lisps out there I use Getexcel.lsp it has to and from in the one piece of code.

    Lots of other lisps vba etc try 2nd lisp

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    Default Re: Extract text to Excel

    I developed one "LISP" program which helps to extract the auto cad text to the excel format.

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