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Thread: XYZ axis askew when UCS World

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    Default XYZ axis askew when UCS World

    Working for weeks on acad 2018 mechanical dwg that has 2d and 3. On Friday, XYZ coordinate, while in modelspace (not in a viewport) went askew, with z coordinate slightly off normal axis. My nav cube also askew. I set UCS to world, the view zooms out and rights itself, showing all objects. But when I zoom in next, I often get blank screen: it zooms too far and I have extreme difficulty zooming/scrolling and I notice that nav cube is askew and so is my model. Also, perspective of 3 d objects is different than I've seen in 3d: displays as if parallel lines have vanishing points. Did I fat finger some setting? It's almost too hard too work in modelspace. UCS world and XYZ axis is fine when going to MS via viewports.

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    Default Re: XYZ axis askew when UCS World

    It sounds as though you are in perspective view mode. Move your cursor up to the upper left hand corner of the window and change to parallel. Maybe an inadvertent mouse click up in that area changed.
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    Default Re: XYZ axis askew when UCS World


    I have run into the same problem - the world isn't the world anymore. Your absolutely correct it just a little bit off and we shouldn't have to perform work arounds in today's AutoCAD. I tried the 3D view command - front view, right side view etc., which worked for me. Another solution was to draw a 2D line and perform a ucs - za align, to properly align the viewport. But it's only temporary to the working viewport when you change it to another view you lose it. It's frustrating when such a small , maybe half a degree makes a lot of difference when your modeling.

    Let me know if you find out anything different.

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