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Thread: Is it a good idea to make this move?

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    Default Is it a good idea to make this move?

    Hi All,
    I work in the electrical design and BIM world, I lead a team of 2 at this moment with hope of growth in the near future, and we are trying to standardize our production when referring to sheets, symbols and all around productivity. I have figure out ways I can bring in CAD files into Revit and make it function as a Revit project with families and all. My coworker don't seem to like the idea of linking CAD in and working in Revit. He's not a Revit guy, but I also think this way he can also learn the function of Revit and get prepared when a 3D project arrive. I mean there's more to say about this but.

    Is it a good idea to move CAD project into Revit when received and work on it from there? I mean, I have created Templates and I also have Families created to host to CAD links using "work plane" which function Electrically and has all the perimeter as our 3D families.

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    Default Re: Is it a good idea to make this move?

    There is certainly a place for legacy CAD information in Revit...why reinvent things such as abbreviations and standard details if it's something you would be "drafting" in Revit anyway? I think the model itself should be used as much as possible for project specific information and detailing, but I'm all for finding a balance and using what is available...unless you have the time and money to make the conversion.
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