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Thread: I can´t move the objects

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    Default I can´t move the objects

    Dear members,
    Since I created my own drawing template I can not manipulate the objects I create. All of them appear in the coordinates origin despite I treat to create in other place and it is impossible to move or rotate them. Where is my mistake of configuration? As far as I know, I did´t create any restriction or constraints.
    I enclose you the file to make possible to find out my problem.
    The program is 3DS Max 2017
    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Default Re: I can´t move the objects

    Yesterday I was able to solve my problem in the following way:
    I created a new object and I changed to "Bezier Float" all its possible movements of translation and rotation. Then I deleted the object and saved the file as a template. Now the default position controller is "Position XYZ". In this way the problem has disappeared.
    I think this is interesting for someone else who may have the same problem.

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