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Thread: dst and dwt files

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    Default dst and dwt files

    Hi Guys
    First thanks for any help you can give me.
    I am getting a little frustrated but I’m sure that the problem is me and not the software.
    What I am trying to do is very simple, I have achieved it once, so I know it is possible, but due to a computer crash and a reload of AutoCAD I cannot recreate what I need.

    I am using AutoCAD architecture 2014, on windows 7 64bit.

    What I am trying to do is create a sheet set with multiple sheet sizes and custom properties and link it and the custom fields to the sheet set manager within the project navigator that comes with ACA.

    I have created my sheet set with A0 to A4 sheets with title blocks as a template file .dwt and saved it in the template folder.

    The title blocks use fields that link back to properties in a .dst file within the project manager.
    Most of the fields are automatic as they use system data, but I need three fields to be custom.
    Namely <sheet number>, <total sheets in set> and <clients name>.

    I have inserted fields in the text in the title blocks and created links to custom properties in the sheet set manager using custom current sheet set for the clients name and total number of sheets as I want his to ripple throughout out the sheet set and custom current sheet for the sheet number, as this data is true only for that sheet.( I label my sheets A-101, and so I can not use the inbuilt system data to number the sheet)
    This works for the current sheet, but I have to manually link all the custom fields on every sheet I load into the project to the sheet set manger custom properties.
    I have created a custom sheet set manger.dst file and linked the custom fields in the sheet title blocks to the properties in the custom sheet set manger.dst file, from each individual sheet size in the sheet set template file.(dwt file)
    The fields work and automatically populate with the properties from the custom sheet set manger .dst file.
    I have saved the .dst file to the template folder (C:\users\name\app data\local\Autodesk\aca2014\ enu\template)
    When I open the folder manually the .dst file is there,
    But I cannot access it from project navigator.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance John

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    Default Re: dst and dwt files

    SSM does not communicate with the Project manager
    I have tried this same thing with Plant 3D.
    You need to have a sheet set along with your sheets in the project manager.
    I do use my template file with the fields in it as a my template for the Project but you still need to create a sheet set with the sheets ACA creates.
    As for the total number of sheets, this is the (1) thing you need to manually update in the SSM Properties dialog box when you add or remove sheets.
    I hope this helps you.

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