I have been using ATI 9700 Radeon Pro and have had no problems with Revit, albeit I do not use GL acceleration since I've found little difference.

My problem is I can't use ATI with SketchUp...I really notice hardware acceleration here but the performance is poor. Something that @Last discusses in the hardware requirements.

After some research I've installed the Nvidia G-Force 6600 GT. The graphics are much improved on ShetchUp but Revit pretty much stayed the same. My drivers may not be correct for the new card since Revit sometimes shuts down when using OpenGL but the MSI drivers seem to roll back and I loose performance.

Can anyone tell me if,

  1. I should see acceleration in Revit with either of these cards using OpenGL?
  2. I would be better off using Nvidia FX type card for cad performance? I guess I was expecting a bigger difference in performance going to the 6600 on my PC from the ATI 9700Pro.