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Thread: .SID Image insertion, Bind, etc

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    Default .SID Image insertion, Bind, etc

    Images are always tricky in CAD. We use SID images that are in a separate drawing that we reference into our drawings. In the past if we need to send the file to someone else, the best way to also include the image was to eTransmit the file and include the drawing that had the image in it. I'm wondering if there is a way to include the image as part of the drawing, similar to binding an xref that has just linework in it. Of course, bind itself doesn't work for images, but is there a way to include a massive image (or part of said 50GB image file) in the drawing so that another party could just open the drawing with the image already in it, but not referenced? In the meantime, I'll continue using the eTransmit way of doing it, but I just wondered if there was a better/easier way.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: .SID Image insertion, Bind, etc

    There are a few workarounds/hacks as discussed here, but the general answer is no, especially for large aerial images.
    If you wanted to embed a small company logo or something like that, one of those workarounds might be okay.
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