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Thread: Annotation Text Height - Real Confused! *Screenshots Incl.*

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    Default Annotation Text Height - Real Confused! *Screenshots Incl.*

    I am wondering why annotation text height does not seem to be displaying correctly, so I:

    • checked the present drawing annotation scale
    • checked the selected text style Paper Text Height
    • made sure "Show Annotation Objects" is toggled on
    • checked the properties of the mtext object and verified the Paper Text Height" matched the Text Style's "Paper Text Height"

    Now get this, I created a second text style "Med Notes" and set the text styles settings to be the same as the original text style I was working with (named "Notes - Small")....

    And both text styles display different text heights! I'm so confused.

    Screenshots below:





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    Default Re: Annotation Text Height - Real Confused! *Screenshots Incl.*

    You are a victim of your linear units precision, which, I am guessing, is set to round numbers to the nearest 1/8".

    The giveaway here is the listed model text height for the two texts. The Notes - Small text is listed as having a model height of 1 1/8". At a scale of 1" = 1'-0" (1:12), that corresponds to a paper height of 3/32", which, rounded to the nearest 1/8", is 1/8". The style you created, Med Notes, based on what you saw on the screen for the other style, has a model height of 1 1/2" at 1" = 1'-0", which corresponds to a paper height of 1/8" (without rounding).

    At the command line, type LUPREC and press the ENTER key. I bet the default value is 3. Type 5 and press the ENTER key. Now check your text style definitions again. You should find that Notes - Small has a paper height of 3/32" while Med Notes still shows 1/8".

    While I will usually limit my dimension style precision to the nearest 1/8", I set the units to Engineering Units (feet and decimal inches), with the precision set to 6 to 8, both to avoid small errors in drawing, which can combine to large errors and to avoid the confusion you are experiencing.
    David Koch

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