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Thread: Hyperlink field won't open PDF

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    Default Hyperlink field won't open PDF

    Hi, everyone,

    I created an MTEXT entity, inserted a field, made it a hyperlink, browsed for a PDF file and selected it, but when I plot to PDF, the link won't open the linked PDF on our server. I assume I'm doing it properly since I was able to make a URL hyperlink successfully so I don't know what's wrong.

    When I try to open the AutoCAD PDF in Adobe Reader, it just does nothing. When I use Foxit Reader, it opens a browser tab which says, "Your file was not found It may have been moved or deleted. ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND" as well as opening another tab from Cox (our ISP) which states, "Sorry, the website measurements cannot be found, Search results for: 'measurements20180417-Field'".

    That all makes me think the path that AutoCAD is putting into the filed isn't exactly right. Maybe I need to tweak it somehow?

    I'm including the PDF with the link as well as the XREF drawing with the MTEXT in it. The MTEXT entity is shaded and is located above the plan view at detail 01 with the text "FIELD MEASUREMENTS LINK (FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY)".

    UPDATE 2018-04-18: I figured out while I was sleeping that the problem lies somewhere with the pathing of the file. After checking out the current path, I noticed it was a relative path (..\..\) and that isn't working right now for whatever reason. I edited it to be absolute and everything is fine. I will now check out the settings and options to see how all that works. Problem solved!
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