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Thread: horizontal geometry deflection angle in profile label style

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    Default horizontal geometry deflection angle in profile label style

    Here's one for the expression masters.

    I would like to place a set of labels across the top of a profile view that includes the following info from the alignment - P.I. Sta , deflection angle, Right or Left offset and an option to add custom text if needed.
    so the label result would contain the following:

    1+10.05 15^22'8" FENCE

    (The ^ represents the degree symbol)
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    Default Re: horizontal geometry deflection angle in profile label style

    Can you use it in a drawing? (Thinking spelling bee competitions. Sorry, sounded funny to me.)

    Do you have a sample drawing of how you want this represented?

    What is the link to showing it in a profile view? This sounds like a horizontal documentation process.
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    Default Re: horizontal geometry deflection angle in profile label style

    Can we have the definition and county of origin?

    My first thought was a horizontal geometry band style but there was no way I could find to get an editable custom value in there for each location nor a L. or R. Plus, I didn't see expressions being available.

    Next idea: Profile view station/elevation label. Station, easy. Editable custom value, yup, just drop a text component in there and label edit it. Reference text components are available as well as expressions. The problem with it is that the label doesn't know that its at a PI location so it doesn't know what to do with the expression.

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