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Thread: Civil 3D Style Naming

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    Default Civil 3D Style Naming

    I am trying to find some examples of a Civil 3D Style Naming Convention. I really believe that NCS Layer naming convention is not useful in this situation because you have to invent to many names is would be difficult to follow.

    I personally like the names that Autodesk uses, but I have been asked to write up a convention that is very easy to use and is intuitive so you do not have to have documentation to figure out what they mean.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Civil 3D Style Naming

    As I think you see, it's totally up to you, but here are some suggestions that could help you get started: (items in [brackets], replace with actual name)

    Triangles Only
    Triangles Only (10X vert Exagg Blue)
    Triangles Only (10X vert Exagg Red)

    EG Center
    EG Left
    EG Right
    FG Center
    FG Left
    FG Right

    >>Profile Views<<
    [Agency 1]
    [Agency 2]

    STRM Exist (Single)
    STRM Exist (Double)
    STRM Prop (Single)
    STRM Prop (Double)
    STRM CMP (Single)
    STRM CMP (Double)
    SSWR Exist
    SSWR Prop

    STRM Exist MH
    STRM Prop MH
    STRM Inlet D2
    STRM Inlet D3
    SSWR Exist MH
    SSWR Prop MH
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    Default Re: Civil 3D Style Naming

    Layer naming scheme snipped from our CAD manual.

    3.11 Layering Scheme
    All layers contained within the CAD Standard have been defined using a uniform naming scheme. The layer naming scheme can be broken down into the following four parts:


    The PREFIX is a single letter that denotes the category of objects contained on the specified layer. For a more detailed definition, the use of a Discipline Designator is also permitted. The OBJECT NAME is the basic name for the objects contained on that layer. The OBJECT TYPE denotes the type of object. (See Figure 3.16 and Figure 3.17)

    Figure 3.16 – PREFIX Codes

    Code Description
    O Object layer (Civil 3D)
    E Existing Objects
    P Proposed Objects
    Z Non-Discipline

    Figure 3.17 – OBJECT TYPE Codes

    Code Description
    DIM Dimensions
    HATCH Hatches
    LINE Lines
    POINT Points
    SYM Symbols
    TEXT Text, labels, notes

    The majority of the layers fall into one of two prefix codes, Existing or Proposed. Object layers are needed by Civil 3D to store some Civil 3D object information. The Z layers are for general use and prefixed with the letter Z such that they will sort together in the layer manager.

    Note: There are a few layers that required a fourth component to their layer name in order to define the purpose of that layer. (ie: P-STORM-LINE-CL)

    All anticipated layers are within the provided drawing templates. All layers do not arrear in every template, only the layers for objects that should be in that drawing are provided.

    All layers are provided with a layer description in the layer manager. This description is provided to further identify what should be drawn on that layer. The layer description is also written with the object name first such that the layer manager can be sorted based on object name if needed.

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    Default Re: Civil 3D Style Naming

    Quote Originally Posted by jenniferchavez View Post
    I am trying to find some examples of a Civil 3D Style Naming
    Quote Originally Posted by MMccall View Post
    Layer naming scheme snipped from our CAD manual.
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    Default Re: Civil 3D Style Naming

    well, you won't like ours --
    _ & three character company code, then M or F for meters/feet
    C (NCS discipline code)
    4 character code for system (TOPO, SITE, ALGN, etc)
    other 4 character codes as req

    so an imperial surface contour display style could be _xxxF-TOPO-0001-0005-E for 1 ft minor, 5 ft major, existing contours.

    long, but pretty easy to understand
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