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Thread: Insert point from UTM coordinate

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    Exclamation Insert point from UTM coordinate

    Hey guys,

    I am working with AutoCAD MAP 3D and was wondering if there was a program to locate point from UTM coordinate and label with the corresponding lat/long coordinate?
    ...basically insert point from UTM coordinate...

    Thanks in advance for your time …


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    Default Re: Insert point from UTM coordinate

    There is a few ways to do that depending on what you are working with. Are you wanting to put only one point in the dwg or have a list or a digital file of points? What coordinate systems are you needing?
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    Default Re: Insert point from UTM coordinate

    Yes, there are several ways you can do this. But first, how many points, just one? Less than 10? A lot of UTM points from spreasheet? How you answer will determine the workflow. Regardless of how many points you're looking at, you'll need to'assign' your coordinate system to your drawing. Make you workspace Planning and Analysis then assign the appropriate Coordinate System (MAPCSASSIGN).

    The following is specifically for one or a few points. If you have a lot, it'll get tedious and you probably should use a more sophisticated, advanced workflow so if you need one, please post again, I'll gladly provide one.

    Go to Geolocation tab=>Tools Panel=> click the 'Geomark' dropdown and select Point icon, which is yellow, then on command line, enter your point's coordinates separated by a comma, press enter and you'll see a flashing cursor adjacent to the geomarker where you may enter a point name or ID number. To end the geomark command, click in an empty area of modelspace. To view the lat/long, select the geomarker and scroll down to the Location Section of the properties palette. Typically, lat/longs are expressed with six significant digits so if you need more decimal places you'll need to adjust the precision of your drawing units (cmd line: UNITS=>Length Precision=>Use dropdown to adjust. While still in the properties palette, change the SIZE of the marker to something bigger than the default of 1.

    To you have a need to replace the Point Name/# with the lat/long, simply copy and paste from the properties palette. Because this gets tedious after a few points, you may consider a more advanced workflow which uses a spreadsheet's tabular data. Map 3D can quickly digest the data and spit out the points with labels that use lat and longs.

    CAUTION: When using UTM coordinates, the units are 'typically' expressed in meters, hence the usage of the term typically. If you're using an imperial template, as opposed to a metric template, your point's location will be wrong. If you need to draw in feet and your UTMs are in meters, then you'll definitely need something other than this super, simple, down 'n dirty workflow.

    BONUS: A simple exercise. Assign coordinate system UTM84-18N. Place a geomarker at 323391.65,4307393.06 and name it WH. Turn on Bing Hybrid imagery to find out what WH stands for.

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