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Thread: spiral-curve-spiral-curve-spiral-curve-spiral alignment?

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    Default spiral-curve-spiral-curve-spiral-curve-spiral alignment?

    For the most part, I can make use of the spiral-curve-spiral transition between tangents (s-c-s).
    I can almost wrap my brain around the spiral-curve-spiral-curve-spiral transition (s-c-s-c-s).
    In Civil-3d is there such a thing as a spiral-curve-spiral-curve-spiral-curve-spiral in an alignment? (s-c-s-c-s-c-s -- that's three curves and four spirals)? How can I do such a thing?

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    Default Re: spiral-curve-spiral-curve-spiral-curve-spiral alignment?

    with some planning I would suggest having each segment penciled out and ready to go. make a alignment tangent even if we delete it later. then build each segment as you go. I believe to make the 1st spiral you have to make the curve also then just keep adding each piece

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