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Thread: Revit DWG imports in families. Wireframe lines don't follow rotation of solid geometry.

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    Default Revit DWG imports in families. Wireframe lines don't follow rotation of solid geometry.

    I'm puzzled by the behaviour of Navisworks when dealing with wireframe geometry because it affects clash detection procedures and wanted to share the issue.

    The problem arises when using DWG imported geometry within Revit families, IF wireframe geometry (lines, polylines, etc.) is present AND the .dwg import is moved or rotated in the family prior to insertion in the project environment.
    I have created a test model with a simple solid and some wireframes imported into a Revit Generic Model family:

    Different families have been created to account for the following three basic cases:

    1. .dwg import with NO translation OR rotation
    2. .dwg import moved AND rotated
    3. .dwg import into family and then nested into new family AND moved and rotated

    In Revit there is no issue whatsoever. It is when imported into Navisworks that the fun stuff happens:

    Wireframe geometry stays in original position (relative to CAD file origin) regardless of the translation.

    Nesting solves the issue but requires an additional step when bringing in CAD geometry into Revit families.

    Anybody else noticed this?

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