I am looking for an add-on package for vanilla autocad that includes CAD standards and a 2D block library with standard symbols. We use 12d for survey input 3D design, sectioning and volume calculations, but use vanilla AutoCAD for all of out 2D plans & set-out drawings. Rather than create all my own blocks and plot styles etc, I was hoping there would be a add-on package for Acad that we could purchase that minimises the amount of setup and manual drafting work when putting together a set of construction drawings. I come from a Mechanical background, mostly in process pipework where I have used several add-on packages for Autocad like Mech-Q, which though quite basic, I found very useful. ().
As we already use 12d for out 3D design I am trying to avoid the extra cost of Autodesk Civil 3D.

Is there something on the market that would suit my needs? TIA!