Summary: Would like the ability to stack fractions while placing dimensions, tags, notes; basically anywhere text can be placed within a REVIT project.

Description: Its hard for me to believe that there is not a function within REVIT to allow fractions to be stacked while placing text onto sheets. The ability to stack fractions is essential to the readability of our projects. Pipe/duct sizes and elevations are typically called-out in fraction form in all 50 states of America. That is a lot of users. The AutoCAD products have done a fine job of it for years. Now, with the talented coders and brilliant minds within Autodesk, I'm sure this can be developed for the pleasure of all. I look forward to seeing this new stack fraction function within the next release of your REVIT products.

Product and Feature: Revit MEP - Annotation Tools

Submitted By: tom770379 on 07/18/2018