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Thread: Ideas and procedures on using Revit to become more profitable

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    Default Re: Ideas and procedures on using Revit to become more profitable

    Quote Originally Posted by doug.gentry753108 View Post
    I am not trying to create a rant session in this post. We know ALL to well how stressful Revit can be ...
    Not wanting to de-rail this thread, but after numerous training sessions and a couple of years using Revit exclusively, I've decided that the stress that Revit causes isn't worth the return. Therefore, I've removed any reference to Revit from my online CV's.

    With that out of the way, in my role as a structural engineering technician, I have worked with clients who are tied into using Revit because, in turn, their clients are demanding that a Revit model is provided as part of the project documentation, so I'm familiar with the situation that you find yourself in.

    However, since I first started using Revit over 5 years ago, I've seen Revit being used in vastly different ways, from extremely skilful users who can and do model everything in 3D, to others who use Revit to generate a rudimentary 3D model of the building, and then flesh out the drawings with 2D linework, and finally I've actually seen drawings from a small architectural firm who switch off the 3D model in its entirety.

    Therefore, in your search for profitability, I’d be looking at minimising your use of Revit. Which is to say that you can use Acad to generate your details, and then import that linework into your Revit model. Technically, you would be fulfilling your client’s request, even though you may not be following their intention.

    Good luck in finding your competitive edge.

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    Default Re: Ideas and procedures on using Revit to become more profitable

    Hi guys,
    My colleague and I have just published an article
    Enhancing Revit Productivity in BIM: Best Tips & Strategies

    Hope these tips will make Revit more profitable for you

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