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Thread: Assign Matl to Fab Parts? Navis Render...

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    Default Assign Matl to Fab Parts? Navis Render...

    Hello, all. I have a situation where a construction manager wants to assemble a coordination model in Navisworks and has a schedule of colors he wants to see used for particularservices. Not a problem for our ductwork because it is in native Revit...I just created some custom materials and assigned them to the various duct systems.
    But, we jumped the gun a little bit in modelling all of the piping in fabrication parts. I can't for the life of me find a way to color code these piping fabrication services that will carry over into Navisworks.
    This must come up occasionally, but I don't see anything in the threads. Any ideas? Thanks...

    P.S. - Alternately, if anybody knows of a REALLY fast way to replicate a bunch of Fabrication Piping in native Revit, I'm willing to listen -

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    Default Re: Assign Matl to Fab Parts? Navis Render...

    Ok, I think I've developed a solution to this...not perfect maybe, but in some ways better than what I was looking for in the first place.

    Fabrication Parts don't come with a Material Parameter, but they will accept custom project parameters of the Material variety. So, if you create a parameter in the Materials and Finishes group (call it Fab Pipe Custom Matl - or such) and assign it to be available to that category of parts, a new section will appear in the Properties Browser for that type of element called "Materials and Finishes" which will be populated by your new parameter. You have to select all of the elements you want to be grouped together (filtering by Fabrication Service helps), click the secret button on the right side of the custom material line item and choose the material you want to use to represent that division of piping (or ductwork).

    I also created a material for insulation that is white and 75% transparent and applied that all Fabrication Pipework Insulation via Object Styles.

    The drawback is that any new runs created between coordination meetings have to have their particular materials applied, it's not automatic like it would be for Revit Pipe and Duct Systems, but the results actually look very nice.

    I know a number of people visited this thread. If you spent any time trying to come up with an answer – I appreciate the effort!!

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