I am looking for some feedback from the group and hope some of you can relate to this situation.

I am with a regional civil engineering firm with multiple office locations (11 as of now). We have previously been operating independently of each other since we did not have a company-wide server or cloud situation. That is being changed so now we are trying to consolidate our templates and standards so that every office is using exactly the same standard and templates. One of our first tasks is how to handle a single titleblock / border in the template that can be used by each office and have it set to display their office or the office where the project is located.

The one method proposed is to have a palette with blocks of each offices address. The block is then inserted into the title block in the first layout, then copied to each subsequent layout. I'm not a big fan of that much copying. My last project had 174 pages, in at least 50 different drawings. Another option is to have the addresses each have their own layer, then freeze the layers not needed. This would require copying the first layout to subequent sheets or doing it in every drawing file. Less clicks perhaps but still not very user friendly.

I am looking for another option that could use the Sheet Set Manager fields or perhaps a drop-down list within the SSM to choose the office location once for the project and have it displayed for all sheets. I would rather not have the user type in the address information manually since mistakes could happen and the format would not look correct.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation and how have you handled it with your company? I would appreciate any feedback you could offer.