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Thread: Mtext box not auto collapsing down to a single word sometimes

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    Default Mtext box not auto collapsing down to a single word sometimes

    So I've been tasked to troubleshoot the reasoning behind this problem at my work.

    Basically, when we create a leader line, we have it auto-populate the data field of the leader line with Mtext.

    However, we've noticed that sometimes the program doesn't let us collapse the entire line down to the word (so that the next word would be on the next line, therefore make it effectively one word per line, like shown in pic "text box 3.jpg").

    Instead, it only collapses down to certain point, and then doesn't let you collapse any further (see pic "text box 2.jpg").

    "text box 1.jpg" is for reference on what the leader box looks like when first opened when using the new leader command.

    Does anybody have any idea why this is happening? Is there a certain trigger, or string of events that trigger this to happen? We've been having trouble duplicating it and it just randomly comes into play now and again, and it's been something that's been bugging us that we really want to fix.

    If anyone can provide any help as to how to fix this issue, prevent this issue, or, if it's unavoidable sometimes, help me pin down the cause as to why this happens so I can be prepared and prepare my drafters for it?

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Mtext box not auto collapsing down to a single word sometimes

    My guess is the spaces between the words that won't wrap are non-breaking spaces - alt+0160. No idea why they would be created as non-breaking spaces though, you'd have to look into your data field.

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