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Thread: BIM 360 Design Pros/Cons

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    Hello All,

    We are looking at BIM 360 Design as our IT infrastructure is aging. What are the pros and cons to switching to BIM 360 completely? Can this be used with Revit and AutoCAD? What are other people doing regarding moving the servers to the "cloud"?

    Thanks for any information that you can give.

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    I will recommend you and your team to list down all the requirement according to the necessity, requirement and optional. According to this requirement, you can check the available features of the new software, i.e. BIM 360.
    You can also contact or outsource such projects or work which can be handled by a team of experienced and certified professionals.

    Thanks & Regards
    Roger King

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    Default Re: BIM 360 Design Pros/Cons

    We've been using BIM360 teams rather successfully. I think we're up to 160 seats. Been using it since 2014. Multiple offices across the US. It's got plenty of benefits depending on how your firm is set up. it also comes with some hitches. It can be used with Revit and Autocad and just about anything else if I remember right.
    As far as going to the cloud, this is as far as we got. We do have another firm in town that part of our BIM mangers group that has gone completely to the cloud. Anything that's stored local is just a "Sync'd" copy of a cloud version.
    As questions, I'll try to answer.
    Dave Peterson
    BIM Coordinator

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