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Thread: What exactly did update 2019.1 fix with toolbars?

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    Post What exactly did update 2019.1 fix with toolbars?


    I'm starting a new thread on this, as the old ones got long.
    For a long time now in 2019, any custom toolbars using images not from autocad, would show ?'s on open.
    THen the 2019.1 update came out, and the update readme says:

    "The icons in customized toolbars display correctly after restarting."

    My testing is showing neither images from dll, nor images in a folder are working right.
    For png's in a folder, using transparent background, the images show, but really wrong.
    The background is all messed up.
    When using bmp in dll, with color 192,192,192 as background (the old way that is not supposed to work anymore), things show better but still off:
    In this pic, I show dark theme, as 192,192,192 looks light grey. All the spots that have the dark background, are the 192 color in the bmp that was compiled to dll.
    So we asked autodesk about this since the release of 2019, and they go huddle and tell us it will be fixed, and come back 4 MONTHS LATER and give us this junk.
    Does anyone know what autodesk actually thought they were fixing?
    I'm convinced they were totally confused, as the color 192,192,192 is not supposed to go transparent, that went away in release 2018.
    The toolbars are still not fixed. They either need to state they are supporting them or not.
    None of this "we tried" BS, its their program and we paid them for it so already extended our trust.
    Time for some explaining autodesk.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Default Re: What exactly did update 2019.1 fix with toolbars?

    I'm still on 2018, but switched to using all 32×32 PNG files with the background set to transparent and haven't had any issues.
    I create each of them in a square AutoCAD window then use PNGOUT to create the PNG file.
    Then I use LUNAPIC to UPLOAD then SCALE the image to 32×32 and save.
    Then I use Online Image Editor to UPLOAD then using Transparency under Wizards to pick areas to set transparent and save.
    Both those editors are free, online, and require no installation. You can set Transparency with LUNAPIC as well, but I've had the best luck with Online Image Editor.

    I was under the impression that support for bitmaps was going away.

    For some time simply changing an image reference in the CUI hasn't always changed the ribbon or toolbar display and I believe this update is supposed to fix it at least after restart from reading "The icons in customized toolbars display correctly after restarting."
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    Default Re: What exactly did update 2019.1 fix with toolbars?

    Was this resolved in AutoCAD_2019.1.2_Update?

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