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Thread: 12 sided Solidworks object after import

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    Default 12 sided Solidworks object after import

    Google has failed me on something I hope is simple...

    I have some parts from our head machinist that were done in Solidworks.
    When IMPorting into A2k19 and using any of realisitc, grey, etc views my 4" round object is shows as smooth wire and renders as 12 sided.

    It looks fine in Soldiworks and MasterCAM, but not so much in AutoCAD.

    Am I missing a simple variable that smooths the render of imported objects?

    Even the 3D objects I draw in the same drawing are smooth; it's only the imported Solidworks objects that are jagged.

    Resolved: So after a couple hours searching, 45 minutes of playing with Solidworks settings, and 2 minutes of checking the block that was imported... I did a very, very simple thing that seemed to fix the problem. I exploded the block...
    (insert 3 minute profanity laden rant here)
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