Summary: Control the linetype scale of a block or a dynamic block by the properties windows or with a Parameters/Actions combination.

Description: The ideia is that it would be possible to change the linetype and linetype scale of the lines, arcs, polylines, etc. of a block in the model space.

Simplest solution: "unlock" the linetype scale of objects marked as "by block" inside the block to be modified in the properties window while in model space.
This way there could be different copies of a block in different layers, with different linetypes and different linetype scales.

Half-way solution: allow objetcs inside a block to be marked as "highlighted" or "exception", so when the block is selected in model space its properties window have a section with these "special objects" properties, thus making it possible to change these properties.

Ideal solution: introduce a Parameter/Action, like a lookup or something similar to visibility states, so it would be possible to control linetype and linetype scale of various objetcs inside a block.

Most ideal solution: like the half-way solution, but with parameters/actions.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Blocks

Submitted By: kassio.rezende772466 on 09/10/2018