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Thread: Solid Hatch not displaying

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    Default Solid Hatch not displaying

    I am having a problem hatching an object with a solid pattern which I really need HELP from you guys out there. The hatch pattern does not appear at all. Attached is the dwg concerned. I have also checked the (getenv "MaxHatch") and the value is 10000 - the default value.
    However, the peculiar thing is that when I copy the object ie the rect "a" in my dwg using the copy with base point function, into another new dwg, it can be hatched. So what is wrong with my original dwg? Is there any system variable which have been changed accidentally whcih I am not aware of ?
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    Default Re: Solid Hatch not displaying


    Within the drawing file turn on system variable FillMode ie. Set to 1 (One).

    You should be then good to go.


    Check out the following Technical Documents on the Autodesk web site under the Knowledge Base section -

    ID: TS67839 - Settings that control printing of filled text and solid hatches

    ID: TS40955 - Hatch patterns not visible when working in drawings from earlier releases

    Have a good one, Mike

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    Default Re: Solid Hatch not displaying

    its working Thank u so much

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