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Thread: Seamless topo maps - USGS

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    Default Seamless topo maps - USGS

    There has to be some way to accomplish this -- up until now I've just treated imdividual quads as inserted PDF, clipped them, and manually lined the edges up. But there has to be a better way to generate a single usgs quad-type georeferenced map that crosses quad boundaries. Any one know of a step by step guide to getting that accomplished?
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    Default Re: Seamless topo maps - USGS

    ArcGIS Online has a topo basemap. Can you use the acad plugin to access it? I think you need an ArcGis Online account.

    Also, if you have Map 3D, you can link to the usgs services. Go here: and click on the services link down at the bottom of the page to find the url you need.
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