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Thread: Civil3D: Erase sites

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    Default Civil3D: Erase sites

    I'm desperate at the following task and hope that someone has an idea.
    It looks easy - erase a site. But in contrast to e.g. corridors this code does not work:

    Dim C3d_Trans As Transaction = Acad_Database.TransactionManager.StartTransaction()
    Dim C3d_SiteId As ObjectId = Autodesk.Civil.DatabaseServices.Site.Create(C3d_ActiveDoc, "X")
    Dim C3d_SiteObject As Site = C3d_Trans.GetObject(C3d_SiteId, Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices.OpenMode.ForWrite)

    Error message "eNotApplicable".

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    Default Re: Civil3D: Erase sites

    Have you considered iterating the Sites Collection from the AeccXUiLand.AeccApplication Object, then invoking the Sites Remove() Method, supplying the individual Site as parameter?

    There's a Visual LISP variation of this concept in this old thread:

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