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Thread: Standard versus Proximity breaklines.

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    Default Standard versus Proximity breaklines.

    I have graded a parking lot by the back of curb as the base feature lines with grading object as the feature lines.

    I have done this many times but something is going horribly wrong now with adding some feature lines for a couple of raised elevated pads bu using the Select surface command. I have done this many times in the past and it has always gone really smooth. it added some unwanted ripples that needed some attention but usually cleaned up well with swapping a few triangle edges.

    I am at a new company now and once I try to add a new feature line by interpolating the proposed surface and then add it to the surface it just send the TIN and related contour lines to a haywire state.

    The only thing I can come up with as being the monkey wrench in this is under -Surface Properties -Definition tab -build, I see "convert proximity breaklines to standard" is Yes.

    Is there any difference between Standard and Proximity breaklines?

    I was taught a long time ago to use proximity.

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    Default Re: Standard versus Proximity breaklines.

    Have you attempted to change that setting to No?

    From my understanding of Proximity Breaklines, they provide a breakline in the surface from the nearest points to the breakline. Converting them to Standard Breaklines would place a breakline at the location of the Proximity breakline. This standard breakline would be similar to a 3d polyline at the surface elevations where the breakline is located.

    I hope that makes sense. Furthermore, I hope it is correct. I've not really thought about or used that feature much.
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