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Thread: Multi-leader landing line moves

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    Default Multi-leader landing line moves

    When using a Multi-leader line that is not associated with any text (text was left blank) I have come across times when I move the leader line, the landing part only of the line moves to an askew angle. I then have to manually straighten the landing line.

    Is there a setting that needs addressed?

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    Default Re: Multi-leader landing line moves

    It sounds like you are drawing the horizontal part of the leader line (the "landing") instead of letting AutoCAD create it for you.

    Check the settings in your MLEADERSTYLE, on the "Leader Structure" tab.

    If you have "Maximum leader points" set to 2, and "Automatically include landing" checked ON, then when you create an MLEADER, you generally pick the arrowhead end, then pick the second point, and you're done.
    The horizontal part is the landing and it will never not be horizontal.
    R.K. McSwain | CAD Panacea |

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