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Thread: Can I x-ref a block in a drawing

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    Default Can I x-ref a block in a drawing

    I use AutoCAD 2016.

    Is there a way to x-ref a block in a drawing?

    I have a set of blocks in one drawing. Each block is used as a component in an assembly drawing. This works well with the tool palettes I have made.

    My situation is: When I use a component in a drawing I need to send instructions on how to use that component. I would like to x-ref the block that I made in the block drawing and put it into the instruction sheet I send with the component. This way, if I revise one of my blocks, the instruction sheet also is updated. I tried having named views in my original drawing. X-ref does not seem to let me partial load a named view. I maybe could do this with demand loading of layers (which I could not figure out how to do.) but that might be more work than it would be worth. It would also invalidate the AutoCAD principle of having blocks on Layer Zero.

    I would strongly prefer to NOT have to make a separate drawing for each block and x-ref it into its corresponding instruction sheet.

    Can I do this?


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    Default Re: Can I x-ref a block in a drawing

    No, I'm afraid that you can't use blocks that way. You want to xref a master component, but the problem with your workflow is is that there is no "master". Each time you create an assembly dwg, you will have a "copy" of your blocks. Which assembly drawing contains the master block to xref? You need to switch to a system that uses a single component dwg and xref that into the assembly dwg and the instruction dwg. Also, a document management system will help you with version control of your master dwgs. Look into Vault or Adept. They also contain plugins to help you place the dwgs into your assembly.
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