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Thread: Extract finishes from a room into a parameter

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    Default Extract finishes from a room into a parameter

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to extract finishes from room to room and:

    1 - to write them into a parameter like finishes floor, finishes wall and finishes ceiling

    2 - to have the surface of each finish per room.

    Have tried to find a plugin or to create a dynamo script but for now no luck.

    If any one can help I would appreciate.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Default Re: Extract finishes from a room into a parameter

    The Short answer is no, the longer answer is maybe.
    Slamming raw data into a room and pulling it out of a room object is simple. Create the shared parameters and add them to rooms as project parameters. Then use whatever means you'd like to push and pull the data. Dynamo and Excel or CTC Spread Sheet Link or one of the 15 other options that are available. Every vendor seems to have one.
    Generating a surface would be difficult, generating those and applying the material may be slightly more difficult. But either way, they won't be directly tied to the room. I know you can get Dynamo to draw Lines from room boundaries. So in theory if you can always get them to start at one point and go counter clockwise you should be able to split each of them into a list based on start point or distance from a point (There was a cool AU class that Aubin did a few years back where he used a similar idea, which he stole from Zach Kron, for use in a sloped curtain wall). From there you should be able to establish a "side" of the room. Then generate an object from that line and apply the material.
    The whole trick here is how many rooms are 4 sided with no bump outs or doors? Not many. So when you export out to line work you're most likely going to end up with more than 4 walls. it's an age old question of why I can determine and render a finish based on room. And the answer is, the room is surrounded by walls. I guess you could apply a finish to the walls and use some of these same ideas to select those surrounding walls and try to pull data from them. The trick there is which side of the wall contains the finish for the room you're looking at vs the adjacent room.
    My suggestion is don't worry about the applied material and just add the finish information via shared parameter. I think we've been using floors to do all that work with. Just a thought.
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    Default Re: Extract finishes from a room into a parameter

    Have you looked at Roombook? I do not have any experience with it, but it sounds like it might be able to generate the data you seek. Whether it ends up in the form or location you want remains to be determined (by you).
    David Koch

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