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Thread: Door Tags with Room Numbers

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    Default Door Tags with Room Numbers

    Summary: Door Tags to pick up Door numbers automatically.

    Description: Currently, there is no way for the door tag to pick up the room number, automatically. A drop-down 'TO'/'FROM' would be handy. We use door tags only as directional markers with only the door no and room number information on it, all the rest of the information is in the door schedule.. Similar to principle as a Keynote value and to keep the drawing clutter free.
    ADT had this feature & this can be done with Dynamo, so why not in natively in Revit.

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Doors

    Submitted By: Arun6000 on 10/18/2018

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    Default Re: Door Tags with Room Numbers

    Not sure if you mean the same, but the To/From information should then be added to the properties of the door itself (not only in the schedule) and then shown by the tag.
    I definitely would like to see this feature in Revit. We currently also use Dynamo for this, but that extra step is not handy for something we use on every project.

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